Waltari - Below Zero

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  1. Kärtsy interviewed

    July 28, 2010 by jÖrG

    interview-waltari-2010-07-p7243617c2Veronika Nyssa Damoskinos did an interview with Kärtsy lately on tour in Kadaň (CZ) on the Rockfest – 24.07.2010. You can read the czech translation here and the “original” english version here:

    In the spring you were on tour with your latest album Below Zero, how did you enjoy this tour?

    It was a great tour, you know, it was a first proper European tour for like 4 – 5 years. We have done such shows here, up and there and maybe one week was so but this was like bit more shows like a 12 shows in a row. In Germany, in the Czech Republic, in France and in Finland. It was great. Most of the countries really enjoy our style of music. I’m happy to hear that people still want to be open-minded with music and enjoy this strange music. »more…

  2. Red October – Waltari touring in Russia again!

    July 18, 2010 by jÖrG

    Waltari in MoscowWaltari will return to Russia again to play two shows in Moscow (Plan B Club, 15. October) and St. Petersburg (Orlandina Club, 16. October).

    Have you ever been to Russia, might be a good reason to pay a visit to these interesting cities?

  3. Spring Tour is over…

    May 17, 2010 by jÖrG

    Waltari 2010

    see pictures and videos:

    Le Klub 06.05.2010 Paris

    Weekend in Laudun L’Ardoise video

    So Fine! live in L’Ardoise, France, 2010

    Photos from AMAZING gig in Písek

  4. Great spring tour in may!

    April 14, 2010 by jÖrG

    Finally on the road in France again! www.myspace.com/waltarifrance2010

    Waltari Spring Tour in May brings the band also to Germany and Czech Republic, see LIVE for details