Waltari measured the pulse of Europe and landed on a mysterious shore. The new album is a 79 minutes adventure, a wild mixture of musical styles.

"Liberate your mind from musical preconditions!" (Kärtsy)


01 Helsinki
02 Not Enough
03 Too Much Emptiness
04 Never
05 New York
06 I'm In Pain
07 All Roads Will Lead To Rome
08 Digging Inside

09 Fly Into The Light
10 Shades To Grace
11 Aching Eyes
12 Back To The Audio
13 Pigeons
14 Exterminator Warheads
15 Darling Boy
16 Wide Awake
17 Julia

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Kärtsy interviewed by Pekka the manager 20.9.2005



1. On the cover of your new album you seem to have landed somewhere on a mystical shore. What is this place? What has happened?

"The place is not the issue. The theme of the album is Europe today, not politically but the general mood. The intention is to raise questions, not to give answers. On the cover we are wondering the same question - it could be the continent 1000 years ago as well as the future. Time itself is not so relevant."

2. The liquid in the test tube is shining. Why is that?

"That is the sample we have taken... maybe it´s a positive result. It´s BLUE anyway."

3. The album is once again a wild mixture of musical styles and you´ve talked about having taken a blood sample of Europe. Are some some of the songs connected to any particular country?

"Yes, many of them. Helsinki is naturally Finland, All Roads is Germany (autobahns), Pigeons is Spain, Wide Awake is France, Julia is England, Aching Eyes is about Nokia workers... and Digging Inside is in a way the key song of the whole idea.

4. And how do you explain the connection of New York and the arabic vocals in Pigeons to the European state of mind?

"New York is about the relationship and connections between the 'new' and the 'old' world and about our different views on many things, the war on Iraq for example. In Pigeons I sing, and Hossni joins in arabic, in a way about all the Mediterranean countries, the whole historical heritage of Phoenicia - the Pigeons!"

5. Liberate your mind from musical preconditions, you´ve said. The album is a long adventure, how courageous do you expect the listeners to be?

"They know. Good attitude is like listening to for example Pink Floyd or old Queen, openminded to a musical trip."

6. How on earth do you have a warning of dangereous frequencies on the CD? Is it a joke?

"It´s a joke (except on Exterminator Warheads where we've scratched plates with forks!). A kind of warning about the fact that it's not easy listening music."

7. This is your 10th studio album. How has the music industry changed since 1991?

"9th studio album - one was with Angelit! The scene has changed a lot, it´s not a good development to sell and market music as it was soap, it´s a dead end street. But I try not to worry too much, I just concenterate on musical experiences. Finally, what is more important: music or money? A pretty face or an immortally living tune?"